Covered California™ is an entirely new entity charged with building a marketplace that will make health insurance available to millions of people who are currently uninsured. This is no easy undertaking. To accomplish our goals, we are working together with a broad range of partners. These stakeholders and entities have trusted relationships among California's uninsured markets and will help increase awareness and understanding of new health coverage options, promote a culture of coverage and encourage Californians to get covered.

We anticipate building a very broad network of partnerships to ensure that consumers have access to a wide range of resources to help in making decisions about health care for themselves, their families and their employees.

Covered California is working with state agencies to implement the new health care law. These partner organizations are helping Covered California ensure that anyone who needs to apply for any of health insurance affordability programs affected by the Affordable Care Act can do so in a streamlined way. We are also working with partner groups to make sure that all health plans offered through the marketplace meet the requirements of a Qualified Health Plan. By partnering with these agencies, git overed California will be able to reach more Californians to let them know about their new options for health insurance.

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Serving Legal Notices

All legal documents must be served at California Health Benefit Exchange headquarters' front security desk, at 1601 Exposition Blvd., Sacramento, CA 95815. Please note, there is no customer service or enrollment assistance available at this location.